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About Us

"Your Dreams, Our Mission"

Grand Education Fair organized by Education Department, Govt. of Gujarat provides an ideal platform to students aspiring for higher studies and aims to promote collaborative excellence between academicians and other professionals from institutions.

Decision on getting admission in a college or programme can be quite tricky for both students and their parents. Due to peer pressure, students end up taking wrong decisions in their careers and get into an uninteresting environment of studies. This situation is undesirable. Government is aware and concerned about this issue and has taken various innovative steps to tackle the situation.


Each of our experts provide a high standard and friendly counseling, because we realize that applying to Institutions can seem challenging. We firmly believe that students require a friendly expert and experienced Institution to assist with the process of applying for the right course of their choice.

The choices are immense, the opportunities abound, but each student and his/her goals, ambition, academic achievement, financial parameters are different. This merits serious thinking in a lateral framework and we understand this.

Why Education Fair?


An education fair educates and gives vast information for the career to the students achieving their dreams. Its gives a brief idea for the different choices of streams and the study area to the students visiting the fair. To achieve the students’ dreams and the interested working area the student must attend this fair where they can understand and pursue their dreams with the help of different scholarship programs and taking admission to the choice of college or university.

Benefits of attending the Education Fair

"From None to Known"

  • 1 State, 65 Universities, 2200+ Colleges, 10 Foreign Universities and much more… offering a wide spectrum of choices.

  • Gujarat’s finest Engineering, Medical, Professional Institutes, Architecture, IIM, IIT, B. Ed. Colleges and many Higher & Technical Universities and Colleges may come under one roof.

  • The fair, which will help you to assist and meet the renowned International Educationists, Experts of Soft skills and much more…

  • Counseling at door step. The counseling session is free of cost.

  • Soft Skills Development:Enhancing your language skills, communication skills, making decisions, self - motivation, Leadership Skills, Team-Working Skills, Time Management and Stress management skills.

  • The event which helps to meet pre-qualified students for their respective subject/course, institution and even to select country for foreign studies. Face to face interaction and a proper guidance.

  • Seminars: This is an exciting event where a number of seminars are held on a variety of topics related to the exercise of planning and executing your further education within a global framework.

  • Networking: It is a great opportunity to network with individuals and experts.

  • Helps for employment with a detail orientation by the correspondents.

  • Understanding the Application process: The exhibitors will showcase the various programs and facilities offered by the universities and Will provide you with information on education system, exam patterns, admission procedure, tuition fee, and scholarship opportunities, thus, allowing you to make a comparative evaluation of the offerings from different educational institutions around the world. By visiting an education fair, you will come to know about the timeline of the application process and can act accordingly.

  • Get guidance on GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/PTE/IELTS etc.

  • Wide range of Universities: A student has a choice to select from a wide range of universities based on academics and interest area of study

  • Open ended conversation with University representatives: - One gets a chance to speak directly with university delegates. You can ask as many questions and clear all your doubts during the visit. It also helps you to make your decision in selecting a university or a course.

  • Scholarships Opportunities: One can also ask for scholarship opportunities based on academics, program specific or student specific. Learn more about Scholarships.

  • Roadmap for a better future: Interaction with representatives from different universities broadens your horizons of knowledge and lay a better roadmap for a better future

  • Education Loan: Many banks like SBI, Bank of Baroda, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra bank, etc. will provide information regarding student loan that will help the needy students who do not have enough funds, but are eligible. It is due to the student loan programme that they would be able to pursue higher education and may get a good job. Thus it helps in making their career also.

  • It will also provide information on various governmental schemes.

Fair Outlines

  • Educational Counseling

  • Course Selection

  • University Selection

  • Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges

  • Visa Assistance

  • Scholarship Assistance

  • Loan Assistance for Studying Abroad

  • Part Time Job Guidance

  • Entrance Exams- Guidance

  • Soft skills development

  • Registration for Entrance