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Government of Gujarat is trying to gather all students, guardians and people from all walks of society under one roof, so that they can get free access to information regarding foreign educational institutions, universities, available courses, structure of fees, admission process etc. In this way the questions arising from the general public can be resolved before admission in higher education institutions. For such a noble purpose the Government of Gujarat is trying to cater the knowledge appetite of the society. With this, education fair will be able to provide to the students get accurate information about the genuine educational institutions, besides being aware about any fake institutions.
In the Grand Education Fair, stalls of various state universities of Gujarat, foreign educational institutions, colleges etc. are arranged. Apart from this, seminars have been organized on various topics to provide students with career-oriented and all other information related to their educational goals.
The venue of the Grand Education Fair is Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Centre, 132 Ft. Ring Road, Near Helmet Circle, Ahmedabad - 380009, Gujarat. It will start on 14th June and will continue till 16th June, 2017. The timings are from 10:00 am to 09:00 pm every day.

The schedule for the fair is also available on our website

The Grand Education Fair is meant to benefit all students from schools (Standard 9th to 12th), colleges and universities who wish to know about many UG and PG Courses being offered. In general, any student, parent or people wish to know about various courses and other information related to Programme of study is welcome to visit the fair.
In this Education Fair, 50 universities, 163 colleges and other institutions, 10 Foreign University Consultant and many organizations affiliated with education would participate. We have a total of 223 stall.
All the universities established by any State act, Central and approved by UGC would present the academic courses and activities, co-curricular activities, success stories of students etc. The College affiliated to these universities would also represent their respective courses, activities and related information.
To participate in Grand Education Fair, It is desired that the participant register online by this link However, those who are not successful in online registration may reach well in time at the venue and register on the spot.

It is desirable that everyone must register for the Education Fair. In case, any person has not registered prior to the event may attend the seminar based on the governed by first come first serve basis.
The Grand Education fair would serve a great platform to host best universities and colleges at a single location. Education- guidance, development of soft skills, scholarships for foreign education etc. would be the attraction of the fair..
For Stall booking, a fixed rent has to be paid. For more information, you may kindly contact KCG (Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Ahmedabad) office at 079-26302077/67 or meet in- person.